PC Hardware people. Where can i get the following info from please.?

Answer This site is very good. It breaks all the components down and explains them all and how they work and interact.

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So where do all the phone info companies go for the info that they sell the people?

No, they don't have the information you want - it's just another spam scam. Anything they can provide you can be found on your own, by Googling and placing a few discrete phone calls, for less money.

Why do most people use Wiki as Source of Info?

Because theyre lazy. Wikipedia is a good source of general information, but when those kids write in their papers that Jennifer Anniston is an alien without questioning it, then they are just lazy

Been trying to concieve for 6 months....(some info might be to strong for some people)?

I know how you feel my hubby and i have been TTC for 6 months and still no luck :( I am 22 and he is 26. I am not sure about the weight for the male but i know that if a women is overweight it can ... Read More »

What's to stop people putting false info on wikipedia?

People generally don't knowingly put false information in Wikipedia because it harms those who consult the encyclopedia and most people avoid harming others. However, sometimes it is done as a pran... Read More »