PAYING FOR COLLEGE!!! what should i expect when i get my FAFSA results back?

Answer pv_grl:Receiving your EFC score from the Department of Education is just the second step in your financial aid process - the first was submitting your FAFSA, the last will be actually receiving the... Read More »

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Is there any way to get into college with out a FAFSA filled out other than paying cash?

Encourage your mother to speak with the financial aid office at the school you want to attend or if you are in high school, your guidance counselor. As a financial aid specialist I encountered thi... Read More »

If I join the Peace Corps straight out of college, can I get a deferment on paying back my student loans?

Peace Corps Volunteers are eligible for certain student loan deferrals for up to 36 months of service. Since Peace Corps Response service is Peace Corps service, you would be eligible for certain d... Read More »

How to Interpret FAFSA Results?

After submitting your Free Application For Student Aid you will be sent the initial results of the form in a Student Assessment Report. The SAR lists the details that the colleges or universities h... Read More »

Im going to start working out, how much results can I expect after the first 16 days?

You will feel muscles that you never knew you had. After about a month of regular workouts you will begin to see solid results so long as you keep with it.