PAYING FOR COLLEGE!!! what should i expect when i get my FAFSA results back?

Answer pv_grl:Receiving your EFC score from the Department of Education is just the second step in your financial aid process - the first was submitting your FAFSA, the last will be actually receiving the... Read More »

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What closing costs should one expect if paying cash in full for a house?

AnswerClosing costs have become such a debated issue but in essence closing costs are really the same no matter what. It is unfortunate though that many people in the industry abuse it and sometime... Read More »

Is there any way to get into college with out a FAFSA filled out other than paying cash?

Encourage your mother to speak with the financial aid office at the school you want to attend or if you are in high school, your guidance counselor. As a financial aid specialist I encountered thi... Read More »

I am thinking of using my green filter on my Fuji Reala film. what sort of results should i expect?

You will have a green cast over everything.When you shoot on b&w film there are no colour layers, you are filtering the saturation of the light reflected from the subject.Your best bet is to shoot ... Read More »

Health Department came to my business for an inspection on 4/19/13, when should I expect them to come back?

Just run and clean your restaurant according to code as if they could come every day. Then you wouldn't have to worry when they are coming, and I don't have to avoid every pizzeria in Queens.