P90X has 12 workouts, can anyone tell me how long EACH workout is Thanks!?

Answer 1:Chest & Back - 52:502:Plyometrics - 58:363:Shoulders & Arms - 59:534:Yoga X - 92:24 5:Legs & Back - 58:566:Kenpo X - 58:467:X Stretch - 57:328:Core Synergistics - 57:279:Chest, Shoulders & Tricep... Read More »

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Difference Between P90X & Insanity Workout?

The fitness workout programs P90X by Tony Horton and Intensity by Shaun Thompson (Shaun T) allow users to exercise in the comfort of their home. The differences between the two programs include le... Read More »

Can anyone tell me how often you should defrag a pc ...thanks?

do it once a week. There is a way you can set it to defrag it automatically. I do it every friday night after midnight. But make sure you leave your computer on. :)If you think thats too much the... Read More »

Can anyone tell me the best way to clean an LCD computer monitor screen thanks?

If you go to PC World or a computer store they will sell you a product which is especially designed for cleaning screens. Don't attempt to do it with any other products as they may damage your scr... Read More »

Anyone have a YouTube account Please tell me, I want MORE friends. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…?

Sorry, I don't have one, but sice I AAMM your brother, I will give you a star, and the Magic Do Not! is a VERY boring video.