P and S, Ultra Zoom or DSLR?

Answer There are two major things to consider:1) Sensor size2) The lensThe sensor of the typical point & shoot and so-called "bridge" camera is tiny. Tiny. As in 6.16mm x 4.62mm - 28.5mm squared. Take 10,... Read More »

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I Just Got This Olympus C-730 Ultra Zoom Camera and...?

Even with only 3MP you can make great images. You just won't be able to print as large as if you had more resolution. This camera has a maximum resolution of 2048x1536. That is more than enough res... Read More »

Does the Flip Ultra HD have a good zoom?

The Flip UltraHD, like just about all pocket camcorders has a 4X Digital zoom, not Optical. Optical zoom is true lens optics as is best as digital zoom is basically magnifications of the pixels, th... Read More »

How can you get more zoom with a NON DSLR Camrea?

Open your camera setting function. Then you can change zoom option. I hope there are manually select automatic as usually from camera company. So , you should change it . Select zoom option & then ... Read More »

How nikon p510 can have a zoom better then all semi pro dslr cameras!?

The P510 can afford to have a 42X(?) zoom because it has a smaller digital sensor. It's easier and much cheaper to make zoom longer when the sensor is smaller. DSLR's, low end or not have large dig... Read More »