P & S//Does anyone know how the surgery went for Fishineasy?

Answer Hi everyone!!! I'm back on line for a few minutes a day. Kind of hard to sit like this for very long. Everything went great. I talked the doctor into letting me go home a day early. I had surg... Read More »

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How did the surgery go for Fishineasy?

Fantastic!We really knew she'd be okay, but it's good to know she could leave early and is doing well.Happy Valentine's Day!

Did anyone know a "Girl who went away?

Yes, I know a "Girl who went away". Yes, she was changed. She cried a lot. No, she did not laugh. She had to pretend that she never wanted her son. In reality, she loved him with all of her he... Read More »

My dell laptop's monitor display went from vertical to horizontal. anyone know why?

This has happened because U have pressed hot keyLEFTTo make the display normal use following hot keyUP

I went to a mormon talent show in Joliet, il. does anyone know the host's name?

Google search lists the Branch's phone number as (815) 553-0697try calling them and asking. you'll probably have more luck.