Oxygen Supply Components?

Answer Oxygen is used as a breathing gas in recreations such as technical scuba diving and in emergencies when a person has been deprived of oxygen and needs 100 percent oxygen to be administered. Oxygen ... Read More »

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How much voltage does the yellow wire of a PC power supply provide to the PC components?

All yellow cables on personal computer's power supply provide +12V of electricity. The positive sign (+) means that there is a 12V increase in potential across the circuit. This voltage is used to ... Read More »

Where does the fetus get its oxygen supply?

The fetus gets oxygen from its mother, according to the book "Human Physiology," by Arthur Vander et al. Vessels in the umbilical cord--a long, ropelike structure connecting the fetus to the placen... Read More »

How to Start a Medical Oxygen Supply Company?

It's no secret that today's hospital stay is shorter than that of our grandparents who spent weeks convalescing from everything from childbirth to broken bones. Today's patient is regularly dischar... Read More »

Alkaline Foods That Supply the Body With Oxygen & Exzymes?

Alkaline foods offset the pH of acidic foods. Those who eat an acidic diet, without canceling out the acids with alkaline foods, can make their metabolism operate under low-grade acidosis. This can... Read More »