Oxygen Bars in Pennsylvania?

Answer Breathe a little easier the next time your find yourself in the great state of Pennsylvania by enjoying one of the state's many oxygen bars. Cities with high smog levels helped to bring oxygen bars... Read More »

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Oxygen Bars in New Jersey?

Proponents of oxygen bars claim that inhaling pure oxygen is beneficial to one's health. New Jersey residents can find oxygen bars in Atlantic City or New York City or may rent a mobile oxygen bar.... Read More »

Oxygen Bars in California?

The air we breathe on a daily basis contains about 21 percent oxygen, the rest being mostly nitrogen, but also containing traces of argon, helium, methane, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. The oxygen l... Read More »

Oxygen Bars in Raleigh?

An Oxygen Bar venue allows patrons to inhale oxygen through specially designed tubes. The action often results in feelings of relaxation and has therapeutic effects on the patron. Oxygen Bars provi... Read More »

Oxygen Bars in Dallas?

Oxygen bars sell concentrated oxygen to patrons, and usually this oxygen has added flavors or scents to enhance the experience. The flavored oxygen is created by passes the oxygen through some type... Read More »