Oxycontin Withdrawal?

Answer No you won't go through any withdrawls switching from oxycotin to methadone. I've done the switching from opiate based meds to methadone before. That's why they give it to opiate addicts,, to pr... Read More »

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How long to complete withdrawal from Oxycontin?

The withdrawal period for most Opiate based narcotics such as Oxycontin is 72 hours[3 days].During that period, you can expect your mother to be physically uncomfortable, experience night sweats, t... Read More »

Is depression caused by OxyContin use?

Depression is not listed as a side effect for the opioid pain reliever OxyContin or its generic equivalent oxycodone, but withdrawal after taking the drug for an extended period of time can cause d... Read More »

Can you take Oxycontin when pregnant?

You cannot take this drug while you are pregnant. This is considered a narcotic. Any narcotics are harmful for your baby.

Can you take an Oxycontin while breastfeeding?

No, you shouldn't. specifically says, "Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant during treatment. Oxycodone can pass into breast milk and ... Read More »