Oxycontin Help. Attn Doctors (if I have to then Attn anyone who can provide)...?

Answer I'm not a doctor but I can help you... Stop being an addict and get control of your life before it's too late.#1 if you are taking 4-5 Oxycontin a day yes you are a doctor shopper - abuser/addict,... Read More »

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What does Attn mean?

Attn is an abbreviation for attention and is usually placed on envelopes, letters and faxes to indicate for whom the document is intended. According to, the attention line should be placed... Read More »

How to Fill out Letters With Attn?

When you know the full name of the specific person to whom you are writing within a business, an attention line proves unnecessary because you can insert the individual's name in the inside address... Read More »

How to Address Mail With ATTN?

When writing a business letter, using an "Attention" line can help direct your correspondence to the right recipient. Using an "Attention" line is appropriate if you are sending a letter to an enti... Read More »

How to Address Envelopes With Attn?

Sometimes it is necessary to mail an envelope to someone at a business address where they occupy a single office or desk at the destination address. In this case, you need to include an extra line ... Read More »