Oxidizer Types?

Answer Some kinds of reactions involve the transfer of electrons from one species to another. These are called redox reactions, and the species that loses electrons is the reducing agent, while the specie... Read More »

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Does Baquacil Oxidizer kill algae?

Baquacil Oxidizer does not kill algae. It is a chlorine-free oxidizer containing hydrogen peroxide that breaks down organic material from swimmers. It is used to clarify water. To kill algae, you n... Read More »

Types of Obi?

An obi is a special type of belt or sash worn by both men and women with traditional Japanese clothing. However, women's obi are typically much more elaborate than those worn by men and are tied in... Read More »

Types & Causes of HPV?

HPV is an abbreviation for the human papilloma virus, which is actually a collection of several hundred related viruses. While many types of HPV aren't particularly dangerous, there are also some f... Read More »

Car Oil Types?

Car oil keeps you car's engine running smoothly and efficiently--it cuts down on engine wear and it keeps the engine clean. If gasoline is your car's food, then oil is its blood.