Oxidized Aluminum Polishing Methods?

Answer Aluminum oxidation occurs when aluminum reacts with oxygen present in the air. You can treat aluminum so it has a protective coating and oxygen cannot come into contact with the metal. However bare... Read More »

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Methods for Polishing Machined Aluminum?

Polishing machined aluminum is often a process of trial and error if you are unfamiliar with the properties of the metal. While it will never have a truly chrome-like finish, you can polish machine... Read More »

How to Clean an Oxidized Aluminum Shower Curtain Rod?

Aluminum is frequently used in many household fixtures because of its light weight and natural resistance to corrosion. Aluminum is commonly found in everything from patio furniture to bathroom sho... Read More »

How to Treat Oxidized Auto Aluminum Trim?

Aluminum trim was used on older vehicles as fender trim, wheel-well trim and body-line trim, and was also used around windows and windshields. Most modern vehicles now use plastic or chrome trim ra... Read More »

Car Polishing Methods?

There are many different car polishing methods and products. You can choose hand polishing or machine polishing based on the products used and the condition of the paint or clear coat on the car. C... Read More »