Oww Help I Think My Ear Is Infected.?

Answer whatever this is is in your sinuses, you are going to need a prescription for an antibiotic so go to the hospital or to your doctor and get this taken care of. When you get there tell them that you... Read More »

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Help I think my ear is infected!?

Peroxide will help. You might be allergic to the earrings.

What is ndy2mkq.exe and i think its infected with a virus help!!!?

Are you having a good antivirus software? if yes scan it using some good antivirus software and destroy it or else download and install some antivirus software!

Help me with my IE, Think it's infected with a "virus"!!!!?

This is a new variant of virus ,autoid.d, that spreads thru messenger, u just have to click on the link and the rest is taken care of by the virus!First u need to go to internet options and change... Read More »

I think my computer is infected.?

k download norton antivirus 2007 updated then download spyware terminator both r free run norton first then spyware they should clean all ur viruses n spywaresboth r available on