Owl Cake Ideas?

Answer Owls symbolize many things in folklore and mythology: wisdom, fertility, femininity, darkness, mystery and even death. This makes them great inspiration for all kinds of special occasion cakes. Bak... Read More »

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Chocolate Cake Pineapple Cake Or Ice Cream Cake Which from this list do u like better for your Birthday?

Happy Birthday to your mum :DChocolate cake :DOne time I thought I would have this cake as my birthday cake. My big sister goes and takes a slice of the cake before my birthday arrives :O lol but s... Read More »

Red Velvet cake Napoleon Cake Or Devil's Food cake Which from this list do u like better?

Red Velvet Cake/cupcakes!!Also do you know that there is a recipe for Blue Velvet Cake/cupcakes?..yeah and it's yummy too!!!..=)

White Cake or Sponge cake for a cake i will be filling with strawberries and cream?

mmmm white cake would look pretty and taste unbelievable

I need ideas for a cake!?

Lol i made rainbow cupcakes on sunday. Anyway you could make any flavor cupcake with silver frosting and make little green frosting alien heads on top or go to a party store and buy plastic aliens ... Read More »