Owed Child Support Laws in Florida?

Answer Child support is awarded to the parent who has primary custody of the children to provide for the child's basic needs. In Florida, child support is calculated based on the parents' income and the n... Read More »

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Can Proceeds From an Inheritance Be Intercepted for Back Child Support Owed?

Child support enforcement is done on a state-by-state basis with laws varying slightly between states. However, in five randomly selected states, all of them have a system in place for interception... Read More »

Does a chapter 13 bankruptcy plan have to include child support owed?

According to federal law, the filing of chapter 13 bankruptcy does not absolve the debtor from certain long term financial obligations, including child support. A debtor is responsible to pay those... Read More »

Nevada Laws on Child Support & Spousal Support?

Child support and spousal support are awarded by a court when a couple divorces. For a court to issue support orders, one spouse must reside in Nevada for at least six weeks before filing. If all p... Read More »

Child Support Laws in Japan for an American Child?

As of 2010, enforcing child support orders in Japan is difficult for American parents because Japan does not recognize U.S. child support or custody orders. Parents are left with little recourse if... Read More »