Overworked or Underpaid Lost the passion?

Answer Well I am working at a gas station to pay for school and there are a lot of people that come in that really make me want to stop caring (not that I cared much before) but every once in a while ther... Read More »

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What Happens to Overworked Teens?

Between school responsibilities, extracurricular activities and part-time jobs, teenagers can often have a full plate. While these various duties are beneficial in helping teens to develop a strong... Read More »

How to Make Lotion for Overworked Hands?

Fragrant Overworked Hand Lotion is just the thing to sooth and heal dry and irritated hands, and is mild enough to use on a daily basis. This lotion is thin enough to use in a spray bottle, for add... Read More »

Home Treatments for Overworked Hair?

Dry, damaged hair is not aesthetically pleasing. Whether the damage is due to heat or hair color, making it look better can take time and effort. Instead of sporting a crew cut or going to a price... Read More »

I've lost my memory card and lost my photos, can i still retrieve them?

Sounds like they're gone - sorry. I know it is upsetting, this happened to me too. Keep your chin up.