Overwatering Pentas?

Answer With origins in tropical east-central Africa, the pentas or star cluster (Pentas lanceolata) grows as an evergreen perennial with woody lower stems where winter frosts never occur. In the U.S., pen... Read More »

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How do you get a Pentas ist digital camera to take a flash picture in the dark?

The process you have described is called a grid transfer copying. The grid process has been developed for use in computer imaging as well. It is very useful for comparing proportions and getting th... Read More »

How do you know if you are overwatering tomatoes?

The plant will tell you. It will not look happy.

Overwatering Containers of Fruit Trees?

Picking fresh fruit from your own tree is a joy many homeowners would love to experience. All too often, however, there is not enough space for fruit tree cultivation. One alternative is to grow fr... Read More »

Yellowing Leaves From Overwatering?

The leaves of a plant are the first places symptoms of stress appear. Because lush, green foliage symbolizes a healthy plant, yellowing leaves cause concern and raise alarm. When identifying the ca... Read More »