Overview of Dysplasia in Dogs?

Answer Dysplasia is a condition where abnormal cell growth results in unaligned joints or failing organs. Hip, elbow and renal dysplasia affect dogs. These are considered genetic conditions, although dogs... Read More »

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Dysplasia Symptoms in Dogs?

Dysplasia is a hip disease that dogs sometimes are born with. Dogs with hip dysplasia have abnormal hip joints that cause problems for the dog. According to the Baker Institute for Animal Health at... Read More »

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs & Cortisone?

Hip dysplasia is a common condition that affects many purebred dogs. Since the condition is genetic, it is closely linked to poor breeding selection, and some breeds even recommend having a potenti... Read More »

Retinal Dysplasia in Dogs?

Retinal dysplasia or RD is a congenital condition that may cause visual impairment in dogs. Some dogs with this condition will have no outward symptoms, while severe cases of retinal dysplasia can ... Read More »

Surgery for Hip Dysplasia in Dogs?

Canine hip dysplasia is a hereditary condition in which the faulty development of the hip joint causes laxity or looseness in the cartilage in the hip. This can cause the bones of the hip joint to ... Read More »