Overtime Laws in Indiana?

Answer Indiana law and the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) require employers to comply with strict overtime requirements. Both governing bodies determine the same rate for overtime wage compensati... Read More »

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VA Overtime Laws?

Every working person in Virginia and throughout the country wants to be paid the correct amount of money he or she has earned. This is especially true when a person is working overtime and the addi... Read More »

Overtime Laws for RNs?

Nursing is a round-the-clock occupation. Patients don't choose when they need help, and their issues can't be confined to business hours. As a profession, nurses work a fair amount of overtime. How... Read More »

Federal Overtime Laws?

In many industries, overtime is a fact of life, needed to help workers hit daily or even weekly goals or targets. However, the U.S. government has safeguards in place to ensure that this extra work... Read More »

Nursing Overtime Laws?

In recent years, states have begun imposing restrictions on the amount of overtime hospital nurses may work. This legislation is an effort to ensure nurses stay fresh, avoid fatigue and do not beco... Read More »