Overpriced Contractor-vey: I need an estimate, i have a 7x5 bathroom that needs ceramic tile floors installed?

Answer there are web sites designed to give rough estimates of the work you're having done. pretend you're a contractor and find one. you can even select types of tile being installed and whatnot. lo... Read More »

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Can Ceramic Tile Be Installed Over Existing Tile?

It's not uncommon to apply ceramic tiles over old tiles. New ceramic tile can be laid over existing tile if the old tile is in good condition and level. Old tiles may require some cleanup and prepa... Read More »

How much does a contractor charge to install ceramic tile per square foot?

Contractors vary widely based on region, but as of 2010, the average contractor charged between $5 and $10 per square foot for ceramic tile installation on kitchen countertops. Ceramic floor tile i... Read More »

Can ceramic tile be installed over linoleum?

Although not advised, ceramic tile may be placed directly over linoleum under certain conditions. The linoleum should not be cushioned, and it must be securely adhered to the subfloor. If the linol... Read More »

Can you wax ceramic tile floors?