Overheating in an Echo Chainsaw?

Answer An Echo chainsaw uses an internal combustion engine. These engines require a very specific temperature: just hot enough to ignite the fuel completely but cool enough to prevent the seals and piston... Read More »

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Echo Chainsaw Troubleshooting?

Echo chainsaws run on a gasoline powered two-cycle engine. These small engines have many interconnected parts which tend to break down together, so finding the part or parts that are causing the en... Read More »

How do I mix the oil-to-gas ratio for an Echo chainsaw?

Preparing the MixPour out any old fuel left in your fuel container. If thick oil deposits are sitting on the bottom of the canister, rinse it out with fresh gasoline. The mixture ratio for Echo cha... Read More »

How to Install an Echo 302 Chainsaw Carburetor?

The carburetor on an Echo 302 chainsaw regulates the air and gas mixture in the engine. These carburetors have three basic operations: fuel metering, fuel mixing and fuel pumping. With age, these c... Read More »

What is the engine size of a Echo 750 Evl chainsaw?