Overclocking my computer?

Answer yeah what you do is...Instead of putting the mains supply into the adapter to take it down to 12 volts you just cut the cord and put the mains straight into you spectrum so it gets more power and g... Read More »

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Ecs 570 gtx overclocking?

570 GTX at only 785Mhz? LMFAO The version I built is 930Mhz o.O

Gtx 570 Overclocking Problems?

how much did you overclock it then?lets say for example the stock gpu clock is 800mhz and that give you lets say 40fpsif you then increase the clock by 10% (880mhz) it would give you 44fps, so its ... Read More »

Overclocking RAM help?

This is easy good sir. First you need a screw driver and and your new RAM ready to place. First of you need to open your computer hardrive case and find out where you RAM is stored. Next ou take ou... Read More »

Overclocking Problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

1. Your CPU is more than enough to handle most games on the market.You should be overclocking your GPU, but it seems like your lag issue is due to your very very low RAM, you normally need at least... Read More »