Overclocking RAM help?

Answer This is easy good sir. First you need a screw driver and and your new RAM ready to place. First of you need to open your computer hardrive case and find out where you RAM is stored. Next ou take ou... Read More »

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Overclocking or just some help?

it's can you run it…your problem is the graphics card, it's not powerful enough to display on ultra settings or even high when there are that many players/... Read More »

Overclocking Graphics Card help?

I do not know off hand how to do it, or if you even can. I do know that graphics processors run hot normally, so if you are going to overclock you must first insure you can keep it cool. There ar... Read More »

Ecs 570 gtx overclocking?

570 GTX at only 785Mhz? LMFAO The version I built is 930Mhz o.O

Overclocking my system?

if you cant change the fsb (front side bus) of the cpu in the bios then you could use n tune from nvidia. its a good program and if you've overclocked your card you might have already seen it. anyw... Read More »