Over Which Type of Earth Surface Does a CT Air Mass Usually Form?

Answer Critically important to shaping the weather, air masses are large bodies of air with relatively consistent levels of heat and moisture, covering thousands of square miles. It takes between ten days... Read More »

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Which layer of the atmosphere is closest to the surface of the Earth where weather occurs?

Almost all weather happens within the troposphere. Located nearest the Earth's surface, the troposphere reaches four to 12 miles above sea level. The ground and ocean provide heat for this layer of... Read More »

Which two types of surface on Earth are most important for absorbing solar energy?

The absorption of solar energy depends on the reflectivity of its surface, a quality called "albedo." Dark surfaces absorb light energy more than light surfaces, and rough surfaces more than smooth... Read More »

Which type of connector is usually used for headphones?

A 3.5 MM stereo mini phone plug is normally used for headphones connectors. Which is a version of the TRS connector (tip, ring, and sleeve).

Which type of rock usually underlies a karst landscape?

Carbonate rocks, mainly limestone and dolomite, most commonly make up a karst landscape. Karst topography occurs when the movements of groundwater and surface drainage dissolve and shape soluble ro... Read More »