Over 50 Hairstyles?

Answer Hair styles for people over the age of 50 have varying factors. Men's hair is usually thinning or going away unless alternative methods have been put in place to hold on to the hair--Propecia, hair... Read More »

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Hairstyles for Men Over 50?

The best hairstyles for men over 50 depend on hair type and what feels best for the individual. An important factor to take into consideration for this age group is how much time you are willing to... Read More »

Hairstyles for Those Over Age 40?

As people get older, their hairstyles tend to change as a result of hair loss, color change or different attitudes regarding hair and fashion. Still, there are many hairstyles that never seem to go... Read More »

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 50?

As you hit the 50-year-old age mark, you may consider changing your look but don't want something drastic. If you've had long hair for most of your life, perhaps you want to keep the length and onl... Read More »

Shag Hairstyles for Over 50?

Hairstyles, like clothing, seem to evolve every few decades. The shag, which is a style characterized by different layered lengths of hair, was popular in the 1970s and it has been revived in the 2... Read More »