Oven Baked Roux?

Answer As you know a roux is made of melted butter and flour.Usually at this stage you would stir in your liquid that you would like to thicken.An "oven baked" roux is actually called a beurre manie.We ma... Read More »

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Can porcelain clay be baked in an oven?

It's not possible to bake porcelain clay pottery in a conventional oven since the appliance's maximum temperature is too low. Generally, a kiln is used in order to reach the recommended 2,100 to 2,... Read More »

Baked potatoes - Oven or Microwave?

How to Make Oven Baked Rice?

Long grain rice in the field.Here's an easy and proven method to cook rice in the oven. Cooking rice this ways saves energy, especially if you have another dish using the oven at the same time, and... Read More »

Can I microwave baked potatoes after oven?

yes but make sure you take them out of the foil and cut a little slit in them,