Outside Games for Infant School?

Answer Lunch times and recesses can sometimes be challenging for teachers or those looking after infants. After all, infants will want to crawl around and generally burn off as much energy as possible. T... Read More »

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Infant Playground Games?

A playground can be a wonderful place for a young child to play. Sandboxes, sidewalks or even open areas can be ideal places for games. Infants up to four years old will enjoy the excitement of tak... Read More »

How to Make an Infant Mobile Toy for a School Project?

If you are taking a childhood education class or a similar course, you may be required at some point to create a toy or activity suitable for young children. Mobiles are very good for babies with d... Read More »

Can anyone recommend a good nursery and infant school?

Read OFSTED reports they always contain a part about parents and how they view the school, a lot of schools now have a web site you can access, these are good because childrens work is sometimes di... Read More »

Free Math Games for Middle School & High School?

It is natural for people to play, and people of all ages play in many different forms. Help Guide, a consumer assistance organization, says that play is a way of opening a door to learning. When pa... Read More »