Outside Games for Infant School?

Answer Lunch times and recesses can sometimes be challenging for teachers or those looking after infants. After all, infants will want to crawl around and generally burn off as much energy as possible. T... Read More »

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Infant Playground Games?

A playground can be a wonderful place for a young child to play. Sandboxes, sidewalks or even open areas can be ideal places for games. Infants up to four years old will enjoy the excitement of tak... Read More »

Can an infant less than a year old have asthma triggered by the smell remaining on the clothing and hair from a smoker who does not smoke around the child only outside of the house?

Answer Yes. i have asthma since i was 5, any smell can trigger, i depends on the person. Answer Most definitely. I do not smoke, but if I spend time in a room where someone else is smoking then wa... Read More »

Outside Games for a Toddler?

In a time when most toddlers spend an average of two hours a day in front of a television set, parents can easily forget the benefits of outside play. According to the National Association for Spor... Read More »

Outside Science Games?

Let's face it, science class can be boring. Playing games and performing other hands-on activities are a great way to get kids excited about science. Some of these games and activities can only be ... Read More »