Outlook Express Error: 530, Error Number: 0x800CCC78?

Answer You need the outgoing mail server settings. Your ISP should have a FAQ for you. You will most likely end up just "deleting" the account in Outlook Express, and redefining it with the settings you... Read More »

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How to Remove an Error Message on Outlook Express?

In Microsoft Outlook Express, an error will sometimes occur if the computer user tries to send an email to an account on the server using a POP3 connection. The error is known as the "Server Error:... Read More »

Facebook Checkpoint Error / Error 500 / Login Error?

I have tried the refreshing trick but it doesnt work for me:( Im so frustrated its been for a week already...anyone whose fb is still not working?guys, try press forget the password and then search... Read More »

Formspring Error: 'MDB2 Error: syntax error'?

ERROR MDB2 Error: syntax error:the probable cause of the problem is actually a common error in PHP5 mySQL databases that usually happens when a single parameter in a field in the database that shou... Read More »

Having "connection error" on my Facebook mobile. Starts to load then goes to error.?

I'm having the same problem! It shows me the news feed for like a second then says "connection error" and when i click to refresh it doesn't work :/