Outlook 2007 Will Not Manually Send/Receive?

Answer When you try to manually send or receive email messages using Outlook 2007 on a Microsoft Windows 7-based computer, these two processes may fail. This happens because of a protocol mismatch between... Read More »

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How do I copy contacts from Outlook 2007 to another computer with Outlook 2007?

Back Up Outlook ContactsOpen Outlook 2007. Select "Import and Export" from the "File" menu. Select "Export to a File," click "Next," select "Personal Folder File (.pst)," and then click "Next." Sel... Read More »

MSN Mail in Outlook 2007 Will Not Send?

Outlook 2007 allows you to configure your MSN Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) account. This makes it possible for you to use the Outlook email client to access MSN emails. If you experience i... Read More »

Will Business Contact Manager 2003 work with Outlook 2007?

Two different versions of Outlook cannot work together. Business Contact Manager (BCM) is an add-on for Outlook and cannot be purchased separately. As such, BCM 2007 can only be added on to Outlook... Read More »

What version of Microsoft Outlook will work with Exchange Server 2007?

Microsoft Exchange Server is designed to work with Microsoft Outlook 2007 but is also compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2003. The system is not compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2000 or Outlook Ex... Read More »