Outdoor Blooming Plants?

Answer Outdoor flowering plants are a staple in landscapes and come in a wide range of sizes, forms and flower colors. Flowering plants may be in the form of trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, groundcove... Read More »

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Why do night blooming plants have less colorful flowers than day blooming plants?

Because at night there is less light, so the chlorophyll inside the plant does not give of enough wave lengths of green, so the plant in result turns out less colorful. Answer: Flowers polinated by... Read More »

Blooming Aquatic Plants?

Underwater plants generally produce their flowers above the water's surface, sending up stems that grow above your tank or pond. Some plants require extra nutrients or lighting to bloom. Always con... Read More »

Blooming Indoor Plants That Don't Need Sun?

Several flowering and foliage plants thrive in little or no sunlight to decorate the spot and add a note of the garden inside. While these particular plants require a bit more care than they ordina... Read More »

Night Blooming Plants?

The flowers of night-blooming plants open only after sunset or sometimes in heavy shade. Often, these plants are the highlights of moonlight or night gardens---gardens designed to be experienced af... Read More »