Outdated computer devices?

Answer Out dated computer devices are know as "Legacy" devices. Here are a few I can think of...Internal Modem (compatible with POTS- Plain Old Telephone Service)Tape DrivesToken Ring Network (still in u... Read More »

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How to Make Money With Old Outdated Electronic Devices?

Have you ever looked around and saw some people are trying to get rid of their old outdated desktop, laptop, old cellphone or similar product or is trying to sell them for dirt cheap? Well if you k... Read More »

My computer wont recognise USB devices?

Make sure you have the bios set to recognise usb devices. You access the bios during boot up so look for the keypress combo on the screen to access it as you boot up.

Information on Computer Storage Devices?

Computers have multiple types of storage devices. A storage device is generally used to save or transfer data. Depending on the type of storage device, how data are added and how the device is conn... Read More »

Hearing Impaired Computer Devices?

Special assistive devices were developed to enable those who are deaf or hearing impaired to communicate and access computers. These devices help create a fluid communication and computer interacti... Read More »