Outburst II Rules?

Answer Ultimate Outburst, or Outburst II, is a Hasbro board game designed for two or more adults. It's a team game and is described by Hasbro as purposefully "unfair." The game involves three different ro... Read More »

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How to Restrain Yourself from an Outburst?

Everybody gets angry at times. Yet, there is an awful lot of anger going around––it is estimated that one in five Americans has an anger management problem.[1] As for having an outburst, a time... Read More »

How Do I Stop an Outburst in a Class?

Effective classroom management is a cornerstone of effective educational instruction and managing student outbursts are a critical aspect of your classroom management strategy. Explosive emotional ... Read More »

How to Play Outburst Junior?

Outburst Junior is a version of the original Outburst game but is geared toward the ability and general knowledge of children ages 7 and over. The goal of the game is for each team to call out rela... Read More »

The worst hormonal outburst you have experienced while you were?

I think I would've done the same thing, even if I wasn't pregnant. She could've tripped and fell and heaven forbid you didn't see her, she could've been seriously injured. I don't think you over re... Read More »