Our Norton security has just ran out can anyone recommend a free alternative.?

Answer These are tools I can recommend as reliable, having tested all of them within the last two months (I love my drive imaging software!)firewall:Comodo (, orPC Tools (http://www.... Read More »

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Hi my Norton Security as just expired. Can anyone recommend a free download one.?

First of all download the free version of AVG - That will protect you for a while. I have upgraded that to the paid for version of AVG, it seems to me to be one of the best in th... Read More »

Can anyone recommend an alternative to Norton?

First you need to delete it so it doesn't conflict with another anti-virus program. You can't have 2 virus checkers running at the same time.Second I recommend downloading and running ALL of the fo... Read More »

Just bought new norton security 2012 security pack but nothing happens when I put it in disk tray?

u may need to update your cd-dvd rom driver >

Do I need Norton Security or can I just use Windows Security ?

Vista is more secure than XP, but you really need slightly more security on the internet, especially if you go wireless at anytime, and there is a way to do it for free.You need a good strong firew... Read More »