Ouchhiee i ran into a door?

Answer yup, im so stupid..

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Can a king size bed fit into a standard door?

A king-size bed can fit into a standard door if it is in the box or disassembled first. An assembled king-size bed will not fit through a standard door because a king-size bed measures 76 inches by... Read More »

How to Fix a Car Window That Falls Down Into the Door?

Automotive windows use a control arm and guide regulator to raise and lower a pane of glass into the door, either manually or with an electric motor. When the pane of glass works its way out of the... Read More »

What is the name of the plate that the door latches into?

The piece of metal that is placed in a door jamb that allows the door to latch is called the "strike plate." It is important that it fits the latch and bolt snugly or the door may not lock properly... Read More »

How to Trick People Into Thinking a Comedian Is Behind a Door?

Have you ever wanted to get back at your friend or just trick a random civilian? Follow these steps to do this prank.