Ouch! right between the legs!?

Answer is called a "rocket to the crotch" ....not to be confused with "crotch rocket" any certainly lives up to it's name!

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Ok ouch! i have a cut?

What's the best way to get rid of a headache Ouch!?

Anything you believe will remove the headache.Do you believe that?(When you first start getting one, tell yourself you are not going to allow it to happen to you. And have confidence in mind over ... Read More »

Ouch! any advice?

It sounds like a muscle strain. Over use of any muscle causes tightness that does not like to be moved until the muscle comes to grips with what happened. Like a rubber band, muscles like to mainta... Read More »

OUCH! i think my toe is do i know for sure?

If you cannot bend your toes there is a good chance it is broken; however the swelling me be preventing you from moving it. There is not much you can do even if your toe is broken. A splint will ... Read More »