Ouch! any advice?

Answer It sounds like a muscle strain. Over use of any muscle causes tightness that does not like to be moved until the muscle comes to grips with what happened. Like a rubber band, muscles like to mainta... Read More »

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Bad sunburn....ouch!!!(need advice plz)?

The gel from an Aloe Vera plant will ease the soreness somewhat plus leave you will a cool sensation on the burned area.The plant has about 15 to 20 succulent leaves growing in an upright dense ros... Read More »

It huuurts!! ouch!!?

drink those little biosomething yoghurts, one per daydrink lots of watereat muesli, not cornflakeseat brown breadtry some fibogelprune juice

Ok ouch! i have a cut?

Ouch! My ingrown toenail!?

Go to the doctor. Not a hospital, just make an appointment. The will have to numb your toe a cute that corner of your nail off. no biggie. :P I've had it done.