Ouch! My Ring is Stuck on My Finger, how do i get it off?

Answer Coldness will make the swelling go down. Wash your hand in cold, cold water for like 2-5 min or something. Then try washing it with soap to slip it off, but make sure theres something to catch the... Read More »

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Oww! I got my ring stuck on my finger and it seems like my finger is getting fatter by the hour. What do I do?

Try soaping it up real good , then try to pull it off. It that doesn't work put some kind of oil on your finger, cookind oil, baby oil etc, then try to get it off. If that doesn't work, you will ha... Read More »

How to Get a Stuck Ring off Your Finger?

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How can you get a ring thats stuck on your finger of?

Put your hand in "ice" cold water in a bowl, for as long as you can stand it, that will reduce any swelling. Then apply some Liquid soap (dawn) on your finger and rub around the ring and it should... Read More »

Ring stuck on finger?

Just Put some soap around it and PULL!!!Or have someone pull it off for you.