Other then Medicines, What are some ways to cure a headache?

Answer try drinking a glass of water. sometimes the reason you have a headache is due to dehydration.a cold washcloth over the forehead can do wonders.a temple massage is good for a tension headache.and h... Read More »

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What are some non-drug ways to deal with a headache?

Often resting in a quiet, dark room can help. A damp rag on the forehead can help—for some people it works best if the rag is soaked in ice water before being applied, while others get better res... Read More »

What are some natural ways to cure insomnia?

5-htp is a great supplement for sleep. I found a really good one at this website. Other ones I tried did not work as well. Other supplements that help are GABA and Melatonin but the last one, you h... Read More »

What are some ways to cure a baby's gassy tummy?

adequate burbing after ever feeding. Newborns are naturally gassy.....I wonder what percentage of global warming can be attributed to your little nephew...... lol

Apart from drinking water, what other ways are there to cure a hangover?

Eat something fatty: a burger, pizza, fries. My brother always said, "Many a 50 cent hamnburger has ruined a good $10 drunk."From I found these cures:CURE #1THE BLOODY MARY (... Read More »