Other than the obvious, are there any other practical uses for a tampon?

Answer Yes! Tampon gun!!!

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Any other functions of a wind shield, other than the obvious?

What are some other uses for butter other than cooking?…George must be really hungry. lol

What to do when your parents love you other sibling more than you and it is very obvious. It may seem like i am exaggerating but it is very obvious and if you lived one day of my life u would agree?

You should consider Buddhism this religion is all about finding happiness and harmony inside of yourself.This sort of fights the negative feeling you have inside. If this does not work then talk... Read More »

Other than jellyfish, what other natural forms of contraceptive are there?

oh, JELLYFISH are the ONLY natural fact. doctors lie, it is the ONLY reliable form of contraceptive! now go out to the ocean, find yourself a jellyfish and strap that bad daddy o... Read More »