Other than seeing a doctor, what is the best way to cure a sore throat?

Answer Drink lots, eat enough, and rest plenty. Even seeing a doctor usually provides only symptom relief and will not help cure anything (unless you ask them to prescribe antibiotics, which you shouldn'... Read More »

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How do you cure a sore throat without going to the doctor?

honey, lemon mix it together and heat in microwave. Drink like a tea.

Do you know anything to cure a sore throat?

A tablespoon of pure honey on a cup of warm water and half the juice of a lemon, you gargle with ita nd the next day you are as good as new.

Best cure for a sore throat?

Cure for really sore throat?

85% of sore throats are viral and nothing affects recovery nor duration. Statistically even if one includes bacterial sore throats, antibiotics only reduce symptoms by no more than 24 hours.Local s... Read More »