Other than google and yahoo,wat r the other searches?

Answer msn,, wikipedia,

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Does anyone know how to do Google searches?

Yes, there are loads of ways to make your searches more efficient. To see a list of all of them, and how to use them, have a look at the links below. You will see some really neat tricks on these p... Read More »

Google searches......?

If you want to eliminate certain Sites like bebo, myspace, etc. you can use this form: . The - means "not, or the opposite of the following expression". The "inurl:" is a google ... Read More »

How google searches.................?

My Google searches are acting up?

right click the network applet on the lower right side of the screen (two computers with flashing screens). select properties. scroll down until you have "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" selected, clic... Read More »