Other than alcohol drugs or smoking....What is a good stress reliever?

Answer exersize is a great way. then try a hot shower and chilling out with a good book or silly movie. laughter is another great stress reliever.

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How to Throw a Good Party Without Drugs or Alcohol?

I recommend a donkey, a midget and 20 pounds of jello. C'mon who wouldnt have fun?

Celebrities on drugs and good movies about drugs?

Oh, wow. Who to choose for celebrities. Here are some of them:Robert Downey Jr - Was arrested in '96 for driving drunk and being in possession of heroin and cocaine. Arrested again in 2000 for poss... Read More »

How to Have Fun Without Drugs and Alcohol?

Visit the diner instead of the barSo, you used to drink like a fish, but you have decided to quit. Or maybe, you loved to smoke marijuana, but you find it immature now. Here is how you can still en... Read More »

How to Say No to Drugs and Alcohol?

Wasting Time On Drugs?To "Just Say No" to drugs and alcohol, one must have a reason and that reason must be that there are more interesting, and productive activities to choose from. It also helps ... Read More »