Other aim bots just like smarterchild?

Answer HalThePenguinhe's mean but he has a mind of his own...

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How to Add SmarterChild on Windows Live Messenger?

SmarterChild is the name of an artificial intelligence "bot" on Windows Live Messenger. Through careful programming, SmarterChild is able to hold simple conversations and answer questions regarding... Read More »

How to Use SmarterChild to Find Information Through Instant Messenger?

There is a robot named SmarterChild that can help you with homework. It can play games, draw pictures, do calculations and conversions, and keep a schedule for you. Sounds like a fantasy, but no. I... Read More »

How to Add Chat Bots on MSN?

Windows Live Messenger, also known as MSN, is an instant messaging program which allows you to add and communicate with other users. A chat bot is a computer program that can be used with Windows L... Read More »

Are you all aware of the bots?

Sorry Dameon. Depending on what specific vulnerabilities your computer has, there ARE viruses that can get you if all you do is **visit** a website with evil code, without your having to take any ... Read More »