Other Words Meaning Unexplainable?

Answer The word "unexplainable" simply refers to something for which no explanation is available. However, the nuances of the English language allow for a wide array of other words with the same, or simil... Read More »

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How to Teach the Meaning of Words?

Vocabulary skills are essential for students in all subject areas. Besides needing to know specific terminology to pass tests, proficiency in word meanings helps students become better readers, abl... Read More »

Words Meaning Approach?

Depending on usage, the word "approach" can function as an intransitive verb (no direct object), a transitive verb (one or more direct objects) or a noun. As an intransitive verb, approach means "t... Read More »

How to Unlock the Meaning of Words?

The English language contains a broad range of words, based on words taken from other languages. When you confront a new word, being able to decipher its meaning involves finding clues in words you... Read More »

How do I Introduce Multiple Meaning Words?

Multiple meaning words are homonyms. They have two or more meanings, even though they have the same spelling and pronunciation. Multiple meaning words can therefore cause confusion to young readers... Read More »