Other Ways to Dry Polymer Clay?

Answer Polymer clay is a vinyl-based home crafter's clay designed to be cured to hardness using a conventional oven. There are times, however, when a bulky home oven isn't available, or when you might wan... Read More »

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How to Sculpt Using Polymer Clay?

Super Sculpey monster by KessrahIf you haven't yet used polymer clay as an artistic sculpting medium, I suggest you try them. Unlike ceramic, you don't need to worry about keeping them moist while ... Read More »

How to Learn All About Polymer Clay?

Learn all about polymer clay, and the many widely different things that can be made from it. Polymer clay is hardened in a home oven, generally in less than 1/2 hr. Brands include Fimo, Premo, Kato... Read More »

How to Soften Polymer Clay?

Sculpey ClayPolymer clay can become difficult to work with when it isn't fresh. It becomes hard, and isn't easy to work with. Read below for tips on how to soften polymer clay.

Can you use polymer clay in ceramic molds?

Ceramic molds can accept polymer clay, such as Fimo, Cernit and Sculpey. Soften the clay by working it in your hands and pressing it into the mold. Gently remove the clay from the mold and bake it ... Read More »