Ostrich & Hummingbird Similarities?

Answer Ostriches and hummingbirds are as distinct as birds can be, but they do share essential similarities. The differences abound: ostriches are the largest living birds, they lay the biggest eggs, and ... Read More »

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Is an ostrich or emu faster?

The emu can run at speeds up to 30 miles per hour. The ostrich, however, is much faster. It can reach speeds of 50 miles per hour and maintain that speed for up to 30 minutes.Source:OstrichEmu

Is ostrich red meat?

The meat from an ostrich is red meat, similar to beef, and comes mainly from the thigh, leg and back, according to the World Ostrich Association. However, ostrich meat is lower in fat and calories ... Read More »

How large is an ostrich egg?

The egg of an ostrich weighs about 3 lb. and averages 6 inches long by 5 inches high, according to the San Diego Zoo. An ostrich egg takes roughly 42 to 46 days to hatch.Source:San Diego Zoo: Anima... Read More »

How to Draw an Ostrich?

The ostrich races are coming up fast. Use this tutorial to help you draw your winning bird!