Osteo arthritis natural way to avoid pain and further damage. Pls help?

Answer Natural cures are supposed to include avocado, soybean extracts, fish oil and others as in…

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Am I going to damage my shoulder further Help?

Well if it slips out and pops back in you could be damaging your cartilage and possibly stretching your ligaments furtherso be sure to do your strengthening at home too and not just at PTasking you... Read More »

Broken Foot - Further Damage?

I think you should see a dr ASAP. That is not normal. I've broken several limps, including a foot, and dude - nothing like that is suppose to happen.

What can i do to protect my teeth from any further damage?

Have you tried Sensodyne toothpaste? I have GERD and suffer terrible acid attacks. My teeth are so bad, they have so many holes in them that pretty much all of them are filled - and two are fake. I... Read More »

♥ What are some foods/beverages to avoid if one has an ulcer, and any natural remedies to help?

Please read this article, being a Homeopathic Physician I have treated and cured a number of patients according to their individual specific symptoms. Read this first and let me know. http://www.hp... Read More »