Orthodontist Appt?

Answer It depends on what exactly your orthodontist has planned. Are you going for a consultation to review your x-rays & pictures or are they placing the appliances? Regardless, the orthodontist will n... Read More »

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Is there something wrong if the orthodontist's assistants are yelling at me and the orthodontist is not?

I think there's absolutely something wrong if the orthodontist's assistants are yelling at you. Tell them it's unprofessional. Your (or your parents') insurance is paying for your treatment AND the... Read More »

What Do they normally do the appt before you get your braces off?

what they did to me is that they went and took x-rays again and take pictures (if you took pictures before) and a check up they maby want to do last minute touches and so on and see if you are read... Read More »

My mom has a high white blood cell count her appt. isn't until Jan 10th- what could it be?

Don't take her to the Emergency Department. So many people don't understand when to use the ER. Only go there if it is a life and death situation, the pain is too much to bear another second, you... Read More »

Any ways to reduce pain from teeth being pulled at the dentist HELP! APPT TMO!?

They give you novacain that pretty much takes care of it... when they get to the root tips it kind of hurts and stings a LITTLE bit, nothing where you'd notice though... honestly, I just hand one o... Read More »