Ornamental Purple Grass?

Answer Ornamental grasses add texture and color to the home landscape. Their airy movement and the sheer variety of size and colors available means that there is a grass for nearly every use. Ornamental g... Read More »

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How do I cut tall ornamental grass?

Gather Necessary ToolsAssemble the proper tool(s) for cutting down the grass. Cut the grass with anything from sharp garden shears to a machete, depending on the height and strength of the grass. S... Read More »

Ornamental Grass for Privacy?

The thick foliage and tall stems of many ornamental grasses provide a natural privacy-providing alternative to a fence. Shield an entire side of your yard from a neighbor's view by planting a row o... Read More »

Ornamental Grass Beds?

Well-selected grasses add texture and structural interest to a garden. Arboretum ornamental grass collections provide homeowners with ideas for textural plantings to implement on larger or smaller ... Read More »

Ornamental Grass Combinations?

Ornamental grasses come in a wide range of colors, heights, textures and flowering habits. These versatile plants are attractive when grown alone, but when used in combination with other ornamental... Read More »