Ornamental Olive Trees?

Answer Ornamental olives usually have darker leaf colors than commercial varieties. They sometimes produce no fruits or fruits with low or no commercial value. The fruits feed birds or spoil easily, makin... Read More »

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Can olive trees be grown and fruit from self seeded plants from an established olive tree?

Olives grow very readily from seed, so much so that they are a serious problem in some areas such as Australia. If grown from a named variety, the fruit will probably not be as high in quality as t... Read More »

Ornamental Maple Trees?

Ornamental trees draw the eye and anchor the landscape, and few trees can compete with the color and beauty of maple trees. Whether through summer foliage, fall color or winter form, ornamental map... Read More »

How do I air layer ornamental trees?

Make Incision on BranchMake a small upward-facing, diagonal cut one-quarter to one-half the way through a branch. The cut should be deep enough to expose the white fleshy interior of the branch. ... Read More »

Texas Ornamental Trees?

If you are looking for ornamental trees to plant in Texas, you have a vast array of options to choose from. Texas, of course, is the largest state in the contiguous United States, and climate and g... Read More »