Ornamental Juniper Trees?

Answer The juniper family is made up of a number of different trees and shrubs, each with their unique sizes, shapes and characteristics. These evergreens are popular landscape plants, and when adding one... Read More »

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Common Juniper Trees?

North America's juniper tree species feature two types of foliage, often on the same tree. One kind consists of close, overlapping scales covering the four-sided branchlets, while the other is a mo... Read More »

What Are Juniper Trees?

Junipers are hardy, long-lived evergreen trees that belong to the genus Juniperus. They are found throughout the Northern Hemisphere, and they are valued for their attractive, sculptured shape. ... Read More »

How do I transplant juniper trees?

Preparing the SiteSelect a new site that gets full sun to partial shade, and has well-draining soil. Dig a hole twice as wide as the juniper's root ball, and as deep as the root ball. Keep the soil... Read More »

How to Plant Juniper Trees?

Junipers is an coniferous evergreen tree that is a popular choice for planting in home landscapes. Depending on the variety of juniper, you may be able to prune this versatile ornamental into a pri... Read More »